Raised in Brasília, the capital of Brazil, known for its architecture, “ipe” trees, beautiful sky and unforgettable sunsets (I’m obsessed with them!).


I believe everyone has the power to make this world a better place. Volunteering in Brazil made me stop overthinking and instead take action — spending energy in situations that really matter. 


It also reminded me of one of my truths: life is all about getting connected (with people first, of course!). 😉


After working for eight years in the media department of advertising agencies, I realized how much I enjoy collaborating with small and passionate groups of people. We had so much fun in and outside of work!


Meanwhile, photography has helped me develop my creative side. My fresh-to-Miami eyes capture what many people who live here can’t seem to see anymore: details, palm trees, streets, colors. Beauty is everywhere! (You should check my instagram profile!) And I wanna keep this outlook forever.


Social Media Strategy is the latest addition in my advertising toolkit. I have just completed the training at the Miami Ad School and I’m ready to run.


🌴love and sunshine,



P.S. Although not much appreciated here in the US, 13 is my lucky number! 🍀

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